Our History

Maasai Girls Initiatives for Development mission is to work with communities to create their own lasting solutions to poverty, healthier lives and social injustice

Today, we are a vibrant organisation that is active to advance children’s rights and equality for underprivileged girls. Over the next 10 years our ambition is to transform the lives of 1million girls in Tanzania.

The organisation was set up by Edwin Mwaitebele from Tanzania , with the original aim to protect and empower girls in Maasai communities to have access to quality education, renovation of schools and school facilities, toilets, kitchen and hostels. All that we do is around promoting quality girls education

Our vision has been generated by the community we serve. Before starting the organization Edwin has been working in rural Tanzania on several girls’ education interventions. One day when conducting a focus group discussion with Maasai girls in Monduli district at Arkatani primary school the girls appreciated all the supports that they have been receiving, however they pointed out some of the key challenges on sustainability, they said ‘’These projects very often are implemented by expertise who are coming in towns, so when the project/s phases out and that’s becomes the end of everything, What we would like to suggest is for us (communities) to be empowered and be the change agents by creating our own lasting solutions to our problems’’, that’s why Maasai girls initiatives for Development is implementing all her activities using the local communities as ‘’Community Action teams’’.

Sponsor a street youth to attend Entrepreneurship Training for One Week.

Sponsor a street young single mother to start a small business

Enable a street youth to start a business Idea

Sponsor a street child to return back to school