Children Archive

The charity will provide free education to 100 bright, unprivileged children from 3 – 6 years and primary and secondary students. 100% of Tanzania Dreams Organization students purely depends on scholarships. 

Tanzania Dream Organisation is focused on helping a child dream higher to defy the poverty and other unimaginable experiences they have gone through that most of the time define their future and limit their self esteem to fulfil these dreams. When you sponsor a child at Tanzania Dreams you are not just touching the life of that very kid but also re-candling the light to the shattered future.

Sponsorship provides a student with educational materials, school and boarding uniforms, hot nutritious meals and a safe, clean-living environment with reliable electricity and water – everything required for a successful education!

As a sponsor, you will receive regular updates from Tanzania Dreams Organization including academic updates, photos and personalized letters. You can even write to them in return!

You can choose to become a sole sponsor, co-sponsor, or shared sponsor.


1.Sole sponsor $ 120/month

A sole sponsorship covers 100% of a student’s scholarship.

2. Co-sponsor $ 60/month

A co-sponsorship covers 50% of a student’s scholarship.

3. Shared sponsor $ 30 /month

A shared sponsorship covers 25% of a student’s scholarship.

Not ready to sponsor?

Tanzania Dreams Organization’s offers alternatives for those who aren’t able to sponsor  

Not everyone can commit to sponsoring an academic scholarship – and that’s ok! If you can’t sponsor but still want to contribute, consider making a donation. You can make a monthly recurring donation, or simply make a once-off contribution.

Any contribution helps Tanzania Dreams Organization provide free, quality education



Sponsor a street youth to attend Entrepreneurship Training for One Week.

Sponsor a street young single mother to start a small business

Enable a street youth to start a business Idea

Sponsor a street child to return back to school