child education

Education a child is important to guarantee the best future of any society. We are working hard to ensure that children get the basic education that they require to thrive in life. In the past, very few parents were really concerned about educating the children since knowledge was passed on by practice. However with the recent modernity, majority of the parents are working hard to education their young ones.

As everyone will agree Education is widely accepted to be a fundamental resource, both for individuals and Societies. Indeed, in most countries, basic education is nowadays perceived not only as a right but also as a duty. Governments are typically expected to ensure access to basic education, while citizens are often required by law to attain education up to a certain basic level.

Tanzania Dreams Organization has completed the construction of 3 classrooms which are in the final stage of operation for the academic year of 2023

However, in order for the project to fully operate, urgently support is required to complete the following..

 1 x Administrative block

 1 x Dining hall, 

2 x Dormitories for Boys

2x Dormitories for Girls

1 `Kitchen



We need your help, without your grant this mission of supporting vulnerable Children through education might not be achieved, and continue to witness many children suffering.


Tanzania Dreams Organization will manage and coordinate the entire project. This will be done by hiring an experienced local construction manager to supervise the construction crew along with other stakeholders at the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology (MoEST), who will be responsible for the implementation of the project. 



The mission of Tanzania Dreams Organization is to help underprivileged children excel in education and provide them with the best knowledge in ethics, environment, social studies, language studies, science, arts, and technology in an environment that is conducive to learning and developing personality and moral values. 


To envisage a community in which a just distribution of resources enable current and future generation to live in a safe environment and enjoy their economic rights with the living standard 



The objective is to provide free quality education that will equip underprivileged children, with the support provided by the donors.

Specific objectives 

i. Create learning opportunities for all school-age children, 

ii. Increase children’s school enrolment rate in Arusha Region

iii. Decrease the school drop-out rate in the Arusha region 

iv. Promote a higher literacy rate in the Arusha region 

v. Empower the community through education and minimize gender disparity in the stipulation of basic education, by working on affirmative action with the community. 

vi. Build the spirit of community service and good citizenship among future generations. 

vii. Promote Personal Integrity, Multi-cultural awareness, and tolerance through education 

Project benefits 

  1. Maasai girls who face many obstacles to getting an education.

  2. It will benefit the school teachers and other workers to work efficiently and motivate them to work harder for greater achievements.

  3. The presence of this school will help to reduce street children and beggars, reduce crimes such as prostitution and robbery, and prepare the good future generation 

Sources of funds 

Tanzania Dreams organization is requesting individual (s), association (s), and other charity organizations to fund this school project. The donor (s) is (are) asked to fund the total amount requested or to contribute any amount /build any building as indicated in our site plan attached with this project proposal. Any contribution to finish a certain building will be given priority. Also, TDO is ready to allow funder (s) or donor (s) to visit the site and give them the mandate to cooperate with the Dreams Children Education Centre /school construction team to see how to go about this project. 


The opening and closing of the school will be depending on the government calendar for both private and public schools. Also, the school will be following Tanzania’s national Curriculum prepared by The Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology with additional arts and recreational lessons.


Tanzania Dreams Organization will work with the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology, and other stakeholders to build on this capacity while also working closely with international development partners working on educational programs in Tanzania. TDO will develop a Memorandum Of Understanding with the Ministry of Education, which will clarify each partner’s roles and responsibilities both short and long-term. Tanzania Dreams Organization will also work with residents in Arusha and other areas around to develop the capacity of individuals to play an active role in governance and delivery of education.




Should you wish to make a donation for this project,  you can do so securely through Tanzania Dreams Organization


Email for or

instructions on donating stock or setting up a wire transfer.

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Sponsor a street child to return back to school