About Us

Tanzania Dreams Organization

Tanzania Dreams Organization (TDO) is a registered charity created to help provide education for orphans, and disadvantaged children locally in Arusha, Tanzania

Vision Statement

To envisage a community in which a just distribution of resources enable current and future generation to live in a safe environment and enjoy their economic rights with the living standard.

Mission Statement

To create an community awareness program dedicated to provide education to orphans and disadvantaged children in Arusha, Tanzania.

Our Objectives

Education is important to ensuring a well-functioning society. We are working hard to ensure that children in need, who would not otherwise get an education, receive basic education required to thrive in life.

Our Team

Medison Samwel


Tanzania Dreams organization

Catherine Chowa


Walter Edger


Sponsor a street youth to attend Entrepreneurship Training for One Week.

Sponsor a street young single mother to start a small business

Enable a street youth to start a business Idea

Sponsor a street child to return back to school